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About Catholic Canada

Catholic Canada is a continuation of the steadfast labours of Fr. Terence Sehl who since 1995 has pioneered the work of evangelization on the internet with his famous Catholic Canada Directory.

In this time of darkness, Catholic Canada’s approach is to carry articles by and for Canadians that will inform, and promote the Way Truth and Life of Jesus.

About Me
I am now a retired Catholic priest in the Diocese of Hamilton in Ontario.

After teaching in the Catholic elementary schools in Waterloo County, I returned to the seminary and was ordained in 1991.
I have served as associate and pastor in parishes in the central (inner city) and northern regions (rural).

I started this endeavour in November of 1995 and the rest is history.

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Any “authority” on the part of this priest is merely proportionate to the degree with which reasoning is reflective of natural law and divine revelation. Parrhesia involves speaking the truth for the common good even at risk to oneself. Be joyful.

This same disclaimer applies to my priesthood and my place in the hierarchical church. Anything written on this blog has nothing to do with representing the priesthood in general, or this parish, or this diocese, or this Bishop’s Conference, or the Holy See. Get it? It’s just my personal opinion. I hope that’s clear.

© 1995-2020 W Terence C Sehl [International] (covering all personally generated text and audio and visual communications on the blog). Remember, truth in all charity, always.



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