S Andrew and the British Ordinariate

A very happy and holy Name Day to all those splendid people whose Patron Saint is S Andrew!

You don’t need to be a Scotsman to have a devotion to S Andrew. His cultus is embedded also in the history of English Christianity in a way which goes back to the Roman origins of our Liturgy even before S Augustine had arrived off the shores of Kent. And it is most happily bound up with those heady days

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Odd Happenings All Round

Some very odd things have been happening around here which I cannot understand. The family has been away in London. I am alone … well, with Aunt Elma from Glasgow who has come to visit for a while. I am assured that there is no connection between her coming and my family escaping to London. Just a coincidence.

For the past few days I have noticed things moving around the house. It’s as if we have a poltergeist all of a sudden. For example, the other day I left Aunt Elma in the living room watching TV and I went out to work in the garden for an hour or two. When I got back she had moved. She was in the kitchen. How did that happen?

I also left my cup in my office after finishing my coffee and ten minutes later it was washed and in the cupboard. That’s never happened before. And the newspapers and magazines seem to have been picked off the floor and placed neatly in the paper rack next to the TV. 

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