Dear Teacher, Thank you…

The value of schools and the important role of all those working within them for our children, is abundantly clear.  While it might feel like “school’s out forever”, the efforts of our educators to provide resources and online learning opportunities, delivers hope and maintains a sense of community.  Their expertise and creativity is a much needed source of strength, structure, and encouragement. 

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Update from Fr Tony Van Hee

Friday May 29 – Fr. Tony is very thankful for everyone’s prayers. Here is an update from him on today’s proceedings.———————————————————-

May the Peace of Christ be with you always!

The cross-examination today, Friday, May 29, 2020, began about 10:10 AM and was finished by 12:20 PM.

Albertos, my constitutional lawyer, and I thought it went well, and my part in the constitutional challenge of Bill 163, Access to Abortion Services Act, is now finished. The lawyers will take it up from here.

Thank you so much for your prayers which will continue to have their effect on the future of this constitutional challenge.

With much gratitude, daily prayers, and God’s Blessing+,

Fr Tony

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Newsletter 3 Spring 2020 by Fr Tony

by Father Tony, SJ
Residence, 167 Sunnyside Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 0R2, Tel: 1-613-325-8503, E-mail:

May the Peace of Christ be with you always!

It is impossible to grow in the knowledge and love and imitation of Jesus Christ without at the same time growing in the perfection of every virtue and becoming more a saint every day” (A More Excellent Way, Pamphlet by the Most Reverend Alban Goodier, S.J., Abbey Press Publications, St. Meinrad, Indiana.)

Continued from the last two newsletters:

It is important for us to bear always in mind that we learn Our Lord as He was, and therefore as He is, wholly from the Gospels. … Let us but look for Him there … and we shall find Him for ourselves … stamped from the beginning with a strange directness and clarity of vision…to the end there is never any confusion, any doubtful understanding; He walks through life and death knowing always what would be (ibid., pp. 1-3, emphasis added passim).

Again, we shall find Him ever constant. He has a definite work to do, a definite life to live and death to die—that is written on every page of the record, in His journeys, in His teaching, in His attitude to men, as much as it is constantly and repeatedly expressed in His words—and never for a moment does He swerve in its accomplishment. Failure may depress Him, but He does not despond; opposition may alter His plan, but it does not slacken His effort; malice does not embitter Him; deceit, falsehood, trickery, deliberate misconstruction of His words or actions, desertion, treacherous friends, faithless or weak-kneed companions, fruitlessness of all He may do, even deliberate rejection—none of these things can lessen His endeavor, make His hand tremble, or the feet on the mountains falter. None of these things can alter Him; always and everywhere, from beginning to end, He is the same; He seems to give no thought to consequences, or fruits, or rewards;
whatever the results, He has a work to do, and the doing of the work is all that He considers; He labors, not looking for rewards; toils, not demanding rest; steadily He walks through life to His goal, “giving testimony of the truth,” “speaking as one having authority,” always “going about doing good,” to all alike, deserving and undeserving, friend and enemy, alien and ally, who will deign to accept from Him the blessings He strews along His path as He goes.

With these three—His absolute truth of understanding, His boundless, tender heart, His constancy in action—we shall find Him, as a necessary consequence, looking out on men with infinitely tender eyes. Never a human being comes within His horizon, but He looks through it with the eyes, of accurate judgment it may be, but infinitely tempered by love; with intimate understanding He interprets it, with the welcome of friendship He receives it; there is not a good thought thinkable about it, not a good interpretation possible to put upon its wayward deeds, but that thought and that interpretation will have found a place in His mind. While others find reason justly to condemn, He will find reason to save; while justice puts a limit to the time of repentance, and permits the law to run its course, He will wait till the very last moment, and in the end will rescue. He does not compel men; He has too much regard for them to drive. He offers them Himself and awaits the issue; when they look wistfully He invites them to draw near; once or twice only does He make the first step, usually He leaves that to them; but when they do come near, when they do let Him see that they want Him, then His eyes glisten, and His heart expands, and His hand opens, and there is interest, and sympathy and longing in every look and gesture; He was never so near seeming foolish, as when some pleading soul showed that it believed and responded, and the key was thus applied to the flood-gates of His bursting affection (ibid., pp 5-7). (to be continued in the Fall, 2020. newsletter).

The civil case challenging the constitutionality of the Ottawa “bubble zone” law around the Bank Street killing place is taking longer than expected, so I have agreed to delay the criminal case against me from July 2020 to July 2021. With much gratitude, daily prayers, and God’s

Blessing+, Fr Tony

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