Today’s news is that the former Anglican Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir Ali, has been received into full communion with the Catholic Church and the rumor is that he was discouraged from taking this step not so much by his Anglican colleagues, but by very high ranking Catholic prelates.

Converts to the faith and those who work with converts like Marcus Grodi at The Coming Home Network  will testify to the many stories of potential converts–especially clergy–who knock on the door of their local Catholic rectory or bishop’s residence seeking admission to the Catholic Church only to be discouraged, dismissed or even mocked for their desire.

They may be told, “Stay where you are and work for the kingdom” or “We don’t do that anymore.” Clergymen who wish to be ordained are often given the “Roman delay” or simply turned down as if Catholic bishops don’t know what to do with them or can’t be bothered. Men who apply for a religious order or the diaconate are too often simply ignored or dismissed with an embarrassed wave.

Praise the Lord

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