Yesterday I read recent tweets by a Catholic former apologist (or a former Catholic anti-apologist), and I was dismayed by a remark he made that suggested he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ only because the Church told him to. 

Now call me crazy with Protestant grandparents, but that is giving the current generation living way too much power. And it’s unclear whether by “Church” the writer included his own parents or grandparents or whoever told him about the Lord Jesus Christ in the first place. 

Like most cradle Catholics, I imagine, I was evangelised by my Catholic parents. They to me from a  children’s Bible and gave me pretty children’s devotional material to read  look at during Mass. They always said Grace before supper (but only at supper and only at home), so from infancy I learned that A) there was a Lord who could hear us despite being invisible B) who might choose to bless us, what ever that meant C) and who had produced the food before us D) and owned all of Nature and E) Christ was another Lord, or this same Lord, whom we addressed in the Name that/this Lord. Somehow, this never confused me. 

Praise the Lord

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