In the recently-released book The Case for Patriarchy, Catholic writer and teacher Timothy J. Gordon boldly proclaims the “kingship of the social reign of Christ, King of the Patriarchy!” Gordon’s well-researched, deeply insightful work deconstructs feminism’s numerous nostrums that have upended modern life in the name of a false paradise of sexual egalitarianism. 

Gordon traces the “sweeping diabolical disorientation” and “non-transgendered sexual dysphoria” afflicting the modern West to feminism. This “is none other than a Christian precursor to transgenderism. It, too, is based on the fallacy that men and women can mutually agree to swap roles.” He particularly condemns that “Western society’s men have been astoundingly swift in their shameless forfeiture of their vocational birthright to familial headship.” 

This cataclysm has, for Gordon, its template in mankind’s Genesis fall in the Garden of Eden, where “Original Sin constitutes the first instance of ‘gender bending’ ever.” Adam was “passively watching and allowing human history to go off the rails” as the serpent seduced his wife, Eve. “Instead of lovingly protecting his wife from the fulsome dangers of the garden, he allowed her exposure, dialogue, and collusion against God,” Gordon admonishes.  

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