Tuesday 11 October 2021, is the feast day of St John XXIII. This great Pope keeps being remembered in Church’s history as the one who opened the Church’s windows to the fresh air of the Holy Spirit.

Who can forget his great words at the solemn opening of the Second Vatican Council delivered on Thursday October 11, 1962: The Church enlightened by the light of this Council – such is Our firm hope – will grow in spiritual riches and, by drawing strength from them for new energies, will look forward to the future. Indeed; with timely “updates” and with a prudent order of mutual collaboration, the Church will make men, families, and peoples really turn their spirit towards heavenly things. 12/13/2017 Speech on the occasion of the solemn opening of the Council. This is how the Council becomes the subject of a singular obligation of great gratitude to the Supreme Giver of all good, celebrating with a jubilant song the glory of Christ the Lord, glorious and immortal King of the centuries and peoples.

Due to his intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit who resided in his heart, St John XXIII became himself not simply the author of a book called Journal of Soul but he was a living icon of a soul who yearned and followed God’s Spirit absolutely.

Praise the Lord

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