One idiom is showing up more often lately, as people claim that the gene therapy device speciously known as The Vaccine is “the hill they will die on,” especially as mandates close in on people’s livelihoods and children’s safety.

Consider this post from @TheEX_ERnurse: “A woman bled out in front of my eyes after the vax. There was nothing I could do to save her. She haunts me. SHE is the reason I left nursing rather than getting the vax…I will not comply. This is my hill.” Or as Dr. Christopher Rake, a UCLA anesthesiologist who was escorted off his hospital campus for not taking the shot, said, “I’m willing to lose everything: job, paycheck, freedom, even my life, for this cause.” Red Voice Media headed the story “This is the hill.” Or as Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, said on his radio program recently, “We might reach that point again where people just have to say, you’re going to have to take my life rather than force me to do something that I know is morally repugnant.” That’s a hill, too.

There is, and ought to be, uneasiness when governments want to force “a needle in every arm,” despite medical conditions, morals, autonomy, and common sense. Further wariness should arise from the active suppression of reports of deaths and injuries resulting from the shots and the banning of social media accounts for mentioning the same. 

Praise the Lord

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