I remember as a child assembling large rounded pieces of cardboard into pictures of animals.  I think they were exotic African animals.  Little did I know that I was being introduced to jigsaw puzzles!  (Apparently the Jigsaw puzzle was invented in 1760 by a cartographer and engraver, John Spilsbury, to teach geography!  Doing puzzles became a popular activity in the 1800’s.)

My next more extensive experience of  jigsaw puzzles was during my years at Campion College at the University of Regina.   One day Nancy, our librarian, put a 1000 piece puzzle on the table in the third floor staff room.  At different times of the day, lunch time especially, there was activity around the table.  In a couple weeks or so, it was completed.  Then another puzzle would appear!  I enjoyed joining those puzzlers.

During this past COVID winter, Oliver, our Jesuit regent,  plopped a 1000 piece puzzle of “Sugar Shack”, a beautiful Trefl Puzzle of Miyuki Tamobe, on a table in the dining room.  It caught the whole community’s attention and time.  It was completed with a celebration of the placing of the last piece.

Praise the Lord

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