It is with deep sadness and regret we announce the death of Mrs. Claudine Goller, long-time assistant editor and board member of Catholic Insight from its beginnings with Father de Valk, for many patient years proofreading much of his and others’ work, with her stylistic command of English. As her obituary put it:

She was unhappy about the general decline in the quality of written and spoken language in Canada and she felt that people involved with radio and television as well as teachers should try to express themselves correctly out of respect for their audiences.

Just so, and we all should take note! Charity begins with little things, like good grammar. Mrs. Goller was herself a prolific writer (many letters to the editor) and reader, as well as a teacher for many years with the Scarborough board, would that we all could have learned our own reading and writing in her classroom. Claudine enjoyed 55 years of marriage with her husband Steve, and together they raised two adopted siblings.

Praise the Lord

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