Of all religions, Buddhism claims the 4th largest number of adherents worldwide. This religion, oftentimes described as a “way of life,” is also gaining some level of traction amongst people of the West who have thrown off the sweet yoke of Christ. Since a serious question deserves a serious reply, let us first consider some of the basic tenets of Buddhism.

One of the central views of Buddhism is their consideration of the changeability and imperfections of our world, which is full of suffering and should ideally be escaped through a process of liberation. This process of liberation or illumination terminates in a state called “Nirvana,” which is basically the belief that one who attains to this state would effectively dissolve into nothingness. Buddhists believe that each person undergoes an endless cycle of life and death called “saṃsāra” unless they escape this endless cycle by Nirvana.

Why Buddhism appears so attractive to some is largely imputable to its flexibility, as the belief-system does not include a clear list of beliefs to adhere to, nor do they have a centralized teaching authority to teach them definitively and condemn errors. This resonates well with the prideful desire of fallen human nature to dislike being told what to do.

Praise the Lord

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