“We have to get out of this labyrinth dear friends, but we cannot get out by simply protesting against the Green Pass, which is only the most recent repressive tool and certainly not the last.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in an address to thousands of Italians gathered Piazza del Popolo in Rome on Saturday, October 9, three days ago, to protest against the introduction nationwide of the proposed “green pass” (link)

    “But above all — I beg you, I implore you: let us return to live in the grace of God, to frequent the Sacraments, to practice the virtues, to be good Christians, faithful to the promises of our Baptism and authentic witnesses of Christ.”—Archbishop Viganò in an address to thousands of Italians gathered in Turin, Italy, on September 26 to protest the proposed “green pass” which the Italian government proposes to issue to all vaccinated Italians, and to withhold from all un-vaccinated Italians (link)

    Letter #132, 2021, Tuesday, October 12: Archbishop Viganò speaks to thousands of Italians protesting in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo against the introduction of a “green pass” throughout Italy     

Praise the Lord

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