“A bishop is but a link in a long, long chain which goes by the name of ‘tradition’… He looks back with attention, gratitude and grace to receive what is handed on to him; he looks forward expectantly, wishing to convey, undiminished, the treasure with which he has been momentarily entrusted.” —Bishop Eric Varden, 47, of Trondheim, Norway, commenting recently on the motu proprio issued on July 16, 2021, by Pope Francis, Traditionis custodes (“Of tradition the custodians” or, more colloquially, “The custodians of tradition”). The article has just been republished by Vaticanist Sandro Magister on his blog at this link, and the entire thoughtful essay is also republished below

    “What he (Pope Pius XII) told him (Archbishop Giovanni Maria Montini, later Pope Paul VI, when Pius made Montini archbishop of Milan in 1954) was: go and pastor your variegated, scattered flock; find words and gestures they are apt to understand, but do not compromise; have confidence that the deposit entrusted to you from of old will contain the germ of answers you need to address the questions of today; live out of that deposit, dig into it, and deeply.” —Bishop Eric Varden, ibid.

    Letter #129, 2021, Wednesday, October 6: Tradition

Praise the Lord

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