For the past two months I have not known what is going on with liberal Catholics like Mark Shea, or Simcha Fisher, or Dawn Eden, or the guy who runs WherePeterIs, or any of the rogues’ gallery I’ve had so much fun with on Twitter these past few years. The reason is that in early August I lost my head and deactivated my Twitter account. 

You should understand how painful this is. After all, I was a Blue Check, one of that lofty club of elite Twitter users who have been recognized by the Twitter Lords as “verified.” That meant no one could mess with my account, and I had a soupçon of Twitter cred, or something. I most often heard, “how did YOU get a blue check?” 

What fun I had on Twitter. There was the time, a month after the death of George Floyd, when I Tweeted “The good news is that George Floyd has now gone a whole month without drugs.” This was not appreciated by friend or foe alike. In fact, one of my book publishers called and asked that I take it down. I took it down, but I still think George Floyd was a drug-addled skell who committed several felonies and whose actions brought on his own death. 

Praise the Lord

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