Editor’s note: beyond theological debates, beauty can communicate to the hearts of all why we will never give up the Latin Mass. Please share these videos, subscribe to Una Voce’s channel, and bookmark their website to join the work of this apostolate, one of the founding organizations of the Trad movement.

Since its beginning in 1965, even before the New Mass was promulgated, the Fœderatio Internationalis Una Voce has gathered together laypeople from all around the world with the aim to ensure that the traditional Roman rite of the Church is maintained in the Church and to safeguard and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, and all the sacred, artistic, literary and musical traditions of the Roman Church in all their beauty and integrity.

The Una Voce movement has always worked on the basis of local efforts capable of adapting to varied circumstances. During the last 56 years, its members have tirelessly working to increase the number of places where the Usus Antiquior is celebrated, and most of them know how difficult it has been. They have also been threatened and discouraged all these years by frequent restrictions, misconceptions, and prejudices. But in their hearts, they have always been happy to fight the good fight, even while knowing that they may not see the day where the old Missal becomes dully recognized and widely celebrated again in the whole church. But they all know it will.

Praise the Lord

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