The wonderful & erudite Fr. John Perricone, who I have had the pleasure of meeting, has written a most excellent article in Crisis Magazine which simply must be read. It offers great comfort for those of us who are incredulous at the counter Catholic nonsense which seems to be so keenly promoted by much of the hierarchy at this time.

In it, he states:

“After the pontificates of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Catholics believed that the bitter years of Newspeak and Wonderland had abated, and sanity was on the horizon. No such respite. Theological Wonderland has returned with a vengeance from the lips of the hierarchal upper crust. The past seven years has reached shocking new depths, but all of them seem to have been surpassed by a new species called Synodality.Before Church historians crouch to their attack mode, let us assure them that any Catholic is aware of the venerable institution of local Councils in the ancient Church (infrequently called synods). Each one of these enjoyed a noble purpose: to clarify Church discipline or teaching and to refute heresy.The present Synodality fever bears no such pedigree. For proof, merely look at Synodality in the German Catholic Church. Even third graders recognize that the German Church is in full meltdown before our very eyes, unmoored from any of the Church’s millennial magisterial teaching. Yet this same pseudo-Catholic energy is on full display in the Holy See’s promulgation of a Preparatory Document and companion Enchiridion. Read them at your own risk. In the words of Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, both documents “serve up a mix of group-therapeutic catchphrases and ideological chic.” This is a Gnosticism that would make Marcion envious.”This direction was on full display in England & Wales this weekend with Pastoral Letters from the Bishop of Arundle & Brighton, Richard Moth (see here) and my own bishop, Alan Williams (see here).

Praise the Lord

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