There is much talk of the ‘last days’, the apocalypse, the end of the world. In in the midst of the turmoil that swirls around us – but, we may trust, not within us – Catholics should keep three things in mind. Well, at least these three:

We are always in the ‘last days’, since the first advent of Christ, ushering in the New Covenant, all of which is ‘apocalyptic’ in the sense of revealing what was hidden in the shadows and signs of the Old Covenant, and making all things new.

We know neither the day nor the hour when these last days will lead to the final day, or, more to the point, the final moment, when Christ will return again in glory, like a thief in the night. Many will not expect His coming, which is why He asks us always to be prepared, our loins girded and our lamps lit. The best way to do that? By being found doing our duty, what is our task at hand – whether that be anything from the family laundry, to composing a sonata, to praying – all at the right time, in the right mode and measure.

Praise the Lord

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