Is there a more contentious issue today than the topic of vaccination? I would say lockdowns, but even nations who were once mad with lockdown-lust have recently admitted that shutting down civilization is perhaps not a sustainable way to live; for evidence of this, see the recent news out of Australia.

If there has been a poster child for the “COVID Zero” approach, it has been Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, my own beloved nation—the Great White North on the other side of the COVID-curtain—has also largely embrace lockdown lunacy. Nonetheless, even the most insane countries on earth have tacitly admitted that in order for society to not constantly teeter on the edge of suicide and despair, it might be worthwhile to consider allowing the obedient citizens to live their lives.

However, this newfound benevolence on behalf of our democratically elected demagogues is not without a catch; you see, there once was a time when there could be no freedom because it was too risky, but now we can grasp at a vestige of liberty if we just take our medicine. I imagine the reader understands that I am referring to the vaccine. I needn’t distinguish between the various vaccinations that are available for human use—you know full well what the vaccine is. 

Praise the Lord

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