The Washington Post recently published an op-ed by Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco defending the many Catholic bishops who have publicly considered barring pro-choice Catholic politicians from the Eucharist. But Archbishop Cordileone went a step further: he declared his support for the recent anti-abortion legislation in Texas, including praising the Lone Star State for “investing $100 million to help mothers by funding pregnancy centers, adoption agencies and maternity homes.” The reaction to the op-ed was perhaps unsurprising, and not a single published letter was positive.

One reader reprimanded the Archbishop for overstepping “in arguing for and supporting changes in the law of the land to enforce its moral positions on those who do not agree.” (Aren’t all laws based on moral positions and enforced upon a population, some of whom will not agree?) Another accused the Church of being “not really pro-life” because it has been “generally silent on other life issues: war, climate change, capital punishment and housing and food insecurity.” (Has this person read any encyclicals by Francis, Benedict XVI, or John Paul II?)

Other readers were quite a bit more antagonistic and abrasive. A Maryland woman accused the Church of seeking to impose the equivalent of “sharia law” on women and noted “the institution’s spectacular failure to protect the children in their flock from the predators in their midst.” (Perhaps she’s unaware that, according to one survey, approximately seven percent of public-school students have been sexually abused by a teacher or coach).

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