The following comments come from a conversation I had with Catholic friends. The brief reflection that follows gives, what I believe, some of the reasons behind the demands for change to Catholic moral doctrines, regrettably voiced by many Catholics who defend modernist doctrines rather than truths of their faith. The grip of Catholic disinformation on the conscience is deep, strong and powerful, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. My hope is to loosen this powerful grip, and begin healing among the many victims fallen prey to its anti-Catholic vitriol, pomposity, and modernistic rhetoric.

“The Church is out of touch with reality and needs to change. It needs to get out of the Dark Ages especially on issues of morality.” So began the conversation. “The Church needs to stop being so homophobic on issues of sexuality, gender ideology and marriage. What is the Church so afraid of?” “Church attendance is declining all the time because of its rigid adherence and defense of out-of-date ideas on marriage and gender equality.   Everyone was nodding in agreement.

“I have a lot of good Catholic friends and none of them attend Church. They are tired of being judged and made to feel shame for their lifestyle choices or for who God created them to be, they feel unwelcomed.” “They are doing nothing wrong and not hurting anyone!”

Praise the Lord

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