Brothers and sisters, good morning!

Today I would like to speak to you about my Apostolic Journey in Budapest and in Slovakia, which came to an end exactly a week ago, last Wednesday. I would summarize it as follows: it was a pilgrimage of prayer, a pilgrimage to the roots, a pilgrimage of hope. Prayer, roots and hope.

1. The first stop was in Budapest, for the concluding Mass of the International Eucharistic Congress, postponed exactly one year due to the pandemic. There was lively participation in this celebration. The holy people of God, on the Lord’s Day, gathered before the mystery of the Eucharist, by which they are continually generated and regenerated. They were embraced by the Cross that stood above the altar, showing the same direction indicated by the Eucharist, namely the path of humble and selfless love, of generous and respectful love towards all, of the path of faith that purifies from worldliness and leads to what is essential in life. This faith purifies us and distances us from the worldliness that ruins us all: it is a woodworm that ruins us from within.

Praise the Lord

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