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Please see the press release below for this upcoming event, entitled “Return to Beauty,” in association with OnePeterFive writers and composers Dr. Mark Nowakowski and Massimo Scapin. As our editorial stance says concerning the movement of Traditionalism, “the soul of the movement has always been liturgical…and its heart aesthetic.” Dietrich von Hildebrand comments,

Contact with an environment permeated by beauty not only offers real protection against impurity, baseness, every kind of letting oneself go, brutality, and untruthfulness; it has also the positive effect of raising us up in a moral sense. It does not draw us into a self-centered pleasure where our only wish is to indulge ourselves. On the contrary, it opens our hearts, inviting us to transcendence and leading us in conspectu Dei, before the face of God (Aesthetics, vol I, p. 6-7).

Praise the Lord

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