Somehow my yen to eat in the New Town more often turned into a longing for the Highlands. Benedict Ambrose is not one for long journeys, however, so he found a very elegant, yet cozy,  AirBnB in the Scottish Borders. So to the Borders we went on Saturday

to fritter our mornings away with books in the sunroom and spend our afternoons hiking for miles. 

On Sunday afternoon we hiked about 4 miles past fields and cows to Little Sparta, a locally famous garden-kingdom created by the poet/artist Ian Hamilton Findlay.  I’m not allowed to publish my photos, alas! We wandered through the amazing gardens, reading the inscriptions, translating the Latin,  and being surprised by this pyramid or that joke. Then we hiked 4 miles back to our elegant holiday home (the restored and refurbished annex of an old manse). Our one regret was that there was no pub along our route. 

Praise the Lord

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