There were lots of interesting things said by the Pope in his meeting with Jesuits in Bratislava. I think it is a really important meeting, especially, as I noted here, because he makes it clear he knows it is all going to be made very public by Papal “yes man” Antonio Spadaro.

He attacks tradition.He attacks those who question him calling them the devil and accusing them of attacking the Church & the office of PopeHe pushes full sacramental integration for divorced & remarried peopleHe endorses so-called gay marriage againHe also claims that there are members of the curia who want him dead, and, although this has not been mentioned much at all in the English speaking world, the Italians seem to have really latched on to this particular bit of the Pope’s meeting with numerous posts on the internet and stories in newspapers.

Antonio Socci has written this piece on it entitled “Why is no one investigating those who want the Pope dead?”

Praise the Lord

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