What is the purpose of Catholic education? As Catholics, this is a question we should always be asking and concerned with. Catholics are supposed to be a separated people, a people elect and married to God through Jesus Christ. Catholic education, therefore, as an extension of our own ecclesiological theology, is equally meant to be a unique thing in the world—separate and distinct from the winds of modern Babylon.

In our current environment of woke activism and cancel culture, one of the tragedies of Catholic education is how Catholic education is cancelling itself to become more like the world. The long tradition of Catholic humanities and theology, coming together in that distinct Catholic uniqueness, is now being eroded in the push for social relevance; a social relevance that would take Catholic education in the exact opposite direction of its theological commitments and identity. To become like the world of education around us is a most profound dereliction of purpose and responsibility. Souls will be lost because of it and are being lost because of it.

Excellence is a pathway to God. To imitate excellence is to ascend to the heavens, to climb Mount Sinai as many of the patristic fathers long ago noted. The insistence on excellence is also a hallmark of humanism—not the false humanism of affirmation, but the genuine humanism of molding and reforming to the Divine.

Praise the Lord

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