As you’re pre-teaching, re-teaching, and reviewing the Mass, remember that it helps students to MOVE while they learn. The Mass sorting cards are easy to print and lay out for students to use for review. There are also games on this blog post if you need more ideas.

The Catholic Kids Bulletin worksheets match up to the weekly Mass readings in the Catholic Church. There are coloring pages that match the weekly Gospel reading. In addition, there are activities throughout the month, along with Psalm copy work and a word search. The top of each bulletin outlines the liturgy so kids can follow along during Mass and learn the order and structure of the Mass. Each week, I highlight a Catholic Saint, this month it includes Saint Jude and Saint Martin de Porres! These help students focus at Mass, or as a pre-teaching activity to help prepare your students for the Sunday Mass.

October Catholic Kids Bulletin

Praise the Lord

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