The House of Congress in America is voting today on a sweeping abortion law, -Our Lady of Ransom and Our Lady of Walsingham, no less – which would impose on all the States the ‘right’ to abortion at any time, for basically any reason, right through pregnancy, basically turning the U.S. into Canada, abortion-wise, but with ten times the numbers. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a self-professed Catholic, defends her zealous support of the bill, saying that God gave us free-will, which should be used to decide the size of our families.

Where does one begin? I agree wholeheartedly with freedom, but this can be used well or badly, to lead ourselves to heaven, or to hell. I also agree that we should be able to decide the size of our families, but only by morally sound means, in accord with natural law. And once a woman is ‘with child’, the family has already increased in size, and that abortion is the murder of that new child, a gift of God – and to snuff out that child’s life is, need it be said, is no solution at all.

Archbishop Salvadore Cordelione, of San Francisco, who is Ms. Pelosi’s spiritual shepherd, so to speak, has denounced the proposed law, saying is more the work of a satanist than a Catholic, and has asked Catholics to pray and fast for its defeat.

Praise the Lord

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