In the Archdiocese of Liverpool, only 10% of baptised Catholics, or just 55,000, now attend weekly Sunday Mass & they are mostly over 55 years of age.The problems of vocations to the priesthood & religious are a reflection of what’s happening with the laity.

If you want to know why things are so bad, you could look back to the genesis of the decline which began with Archbishop Worlock’s episcopate. From 1976-96 the rate of practise fell from 45% to 19% such an epic slump that it even made the BBC news. With his successor, Kelly, it fell further from 19% to 9.5%.

Archbishop McMahon appears to completely signed up to the agenda which has wrought so much damage in his Archdiocese promoting a wacky synod which discussed topics like the ordination of women as I reported here.

Praise the Lord

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