I’m not sure how one might describe the decision of Archbishop Valery Vianneau, spiritual head of the diocese of Moncton in New Brunswick, to restrict entrance to any parishes and all diocesan property to the ‘double vaccinated’  – and this apparently includes not only Mass, but all the other sacraments, and even catechesis and any meetings. Unclean! Unclean! The bishop cites state mandates in his draconian decree.

Douglas Farrow does not hold back in his criticism, to come into effect September 22nd, the same day as the ‘vaxx-pass’ here in Ontario. Whatever words one might use – and one may be at a loss for them – we are certainly in uncharted waters here. As Dr. Farrow points out, Covid has taken 0.006% of the population of the diocese to eternity. Hence, it is a grave danger to a small minority, but is this grounds for denying the very life of the Church to those who exercise their natural and God-given right to choose not to be vaccinated, or even those who have natural immunity? (With mounting evidence that this is more effective and far safer than the controversial and still experimental vaccine). Even in the midst of the 14th century Black Death, which took 50% of the population of many villages, most of those within a day of infection, victims were still given the sacraments, which is why so many sacrificial priests themselves died from the plague. And such practice continued in the various other pestilences and pandemics right up to, well, the era of covid.

This is the end point of the new Erastianism, a submission of the Church to the diktats of the State. Dioceses and parishes on the east coast have been moribund for some time now, selling off property to stay afloat, mired in liberalism, modernism, and various other scandals and aberrancies, which is why the bishop’s decision may well be an unwitting divine quasi-interdict from God Himself, a wake-up call, and a time for purification. Perhaps we need to send missionary priests into the diocese, and to any others that follow suit, to offer the sacraments underground, so to speak, as in Elizabethan England, circa, say, 1570 to 1680. Ite missa est!

Praise the Lord

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