Much ink has been spilled over the topic of lockdowns and the coronavirus, and the past 19 months have been some of the strangest in recent history. This time has been extremely difficult for many, especially for those who have had their business shuttered by unjust and indefinite closures and restrictions. In addition, the continual bifurcation of opposing camps in society has led to unpleasant – and perhaps irrevocable – consequences in the lives of families and communities.

It is my opinion that the deadliest virus that has spread since the advent of lockdown-lunacy is the virus of Marxism. Marxism is not restricted to what we think of when we consider Communism. Communism is surely the logical outgrowth of Marxism, but Marxism can spread in ways COVID could only dream of. It is possible to live in a society that does not present itself as Communist, while at the same time living in a society that manifests as distinctly Marxist.

According to the now-deceased Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, the four stages of a Marxist infiltration of society are as follows:

Praise the Lord

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