Further to my recent blog about Malcolm McMahon OP, the Archbishop of dying Liverpool Archdiocese who wrote a letter mis-defining Tradition as something handed down from the Pope, a reader directed me to a letter McMahon wrote to priests which was printed in the Metropolitan Cathedral Newsletter. I have reproduced the pertinent section for readers here:

The overt support for homosexual lifestyles here is quite frightening when one considers both the Cathedral Dean and the Archbishop are important members of the Catholic Church which has consistently asserted that sexual intercourse may only take place within marriage. If that is not true, or, if the unitive and procreative dimensions of intercourse are separated, the Church will have a great deal to answer for especially in terms of consistency and coherence. We will no longer be able to support Marriage, the family, or condemn fornication — as Our Lord clearly does in Sacred Scripture — or even masturbation.

Perhaps these two priests need to be reminded that the principal end of sexual intercourse is the procreation of children, and so the pleasure of the couple or the satisfaction of desire is only right if it is in the context of a union that can take care of the new life. This means that the man and woman have to love each other in so committed a way that they are willing to bear children to each other. To deal with sexual intercourse in any less careful way is a grave sin.

Praise the Lord

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