Back in May, I published an article at LifeSiteNews entitled “Coincidences during the reign of Pius XII? Political background to Vatican II and liturgical changes.” The article generated a fair amount of discussion, both favorable and critical. Since the pontificate of Eugenio Pacelli is so rich with historical interest and consequences, I would like to return to the subject with further observations.

In Roberto de Mattei’s The Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten Story (p. 217), we read: “De Lubac mentions two particularly critical opponents of the [liturgy] schema”: Archbishops (later cardinals) Vagnozzi and Dante. Dante, of course, had been the papal master of ceremonies since 1947. Vagnozzi’s intervention contains a passage that is poignant in retrospect:

The theological language [of what would become Sacrosanctum Concilium] often appears vague and sometimes inexact; I humbly maintain that the doctrinal principles of the liturgy, enunciated better and in a more cogent formulation by the supreme pontiff Pius XII in the encyclical Mediator Dei, can be repeated word for word by the Fathers of the Council, rather than the drafts that have been proposed to us.

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