A few years ago, I was at another gas station where I had been working for a long time. One winter’s day when it was raining, after attending to a customer I went to find shelter from the rain. On the way I saw a piece of yellow paper that I picked up to throw into the garbage can. It was yellow cardboard with a photograph that at first I didn’t pay attention to, with some words written under it. I dried off some of the moisture by rubbing both sides against my clothes and looked at it more closely to find out what it was about. I was surprised to see that the face printed on it was that of a priest. The prayer card talked about work in a way that really struck me. I read the prayer carefully and it soon became part of my life.

I looked at the prayer card more closely and, I don’t know why, I started addressing it personally: How they have treated you! But you are soaked! I will take better care of you! I dried it as well as I could and, now with a certain respect, I started to read it again, calmly and with great curiosity. I began to feel affection for the person in the photograph, whom I had never heard of. I reread it several times, taking the opportunity to ask for various needs that came to mind. Finally I attached it with scotch tape next to my tools, so that I would see it frequently and feel accompanied.

Little miracles

Praise the Lord

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