“People warn that you’ve got to watch what you say on the air,” said Tom Basile, “because of the cancel culture. I’m not going for any of that. I’m going to put God first.” 

Basile, news anchor and host of the weekly show America Right Now at Newsmax TV, is a faithful Catholic and a member of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, for which he serves as a board member for the Eastern Lieutenancy of the U.S. He has served in politics and public service, including an advisory role during the Bush Presidency, where he helped to plan the memorial service for the Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts and the President’s 2002 meeting with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. He was executive director of the New York State Republican Committee, and later he was a consultant to the Republican National Committee.

Basile has earned numerous awards; and in 2011, he was one of two American conservatives featured as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. His insights into the national political scene, public policy, and foreign affairs have earned him a reputation for credibility, candor, and common sense.

Praise the Lord

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