Each year the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales organises a High Mass at England’s neo-Byzantine mother church, Westminster Cathedral, to coincide with its Annual General Meeting. This year’s High Mass on the Vigil of the Assumption was as majestic and liturgically sumptuous as ever, with a possibly record attendance of 350 – 400 people (see photo of above from the event). Among the faithful there was a quiet but perceptible air of determined resolution. Despite the promulgation of Traditionis Custodes, devotion to, and interest in, the Apostolic Roman Rite only continues to increase in England and her bishops are rather wary of how to ‘implement’ the recent motu proprio while dealing with the only part of the Church experiencing such inexorable growth. Growth, which according to their post-conciliar formation, represents retrogression against the ‘laws of history’ and thus, was never meant to occur.

History of the Latin Mass in England and Wales

The traditional community in England and Wales is of notable importance to the wider traditional movement. One of the unbroken streams by which Divine Providence saw fit to continue the flow of the Church’s Liturgical Tradition to the present, following the post-conciliar official hostility towards that Tradition from many quarters, was in England and Wales through the famous ‘Agatha Christie indult’ of 1971.

Praise the Lord

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