The Wall Street Journal recently published a powerful article on the large and growing gap between the numbers of men and women enrolled in American colleges and universities. Enrollments have declined steeply in recent years, but they have declined much more among males than females. Only 40 percent of current college students are males.

The 2015 book Date-onomics had already tackled the subject. Why would this dismal news appear in a book on the economics of dating? 

Because it, and an important 2019 study, connected the relative decline of college-educated males to diminishing prospects for American women looking for economically attractive husbands. Evidence shows that women want to marry men likely to have higher incomes than they do. Instead, a growing number of single women face a choice between marrying “down” educationally, or not marrying at all. With six college-educated women for every four college-educated men, and the chasm widening every year, the math is not complicated.

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