“Pride goeth before a fall,” as the Good Book tells us. But prior to the fall, there is often a leap. The proud person believes he can do things that are far beyond his ability. Being ignorant, incompetent, or unqualified are not factors that deter him from attempting to do what he cannot do.

A case in point is a book entitled What Is an Abortion Anyway? put together by two trendy young women who believe that simply riding the Zeitgeist is sufficient to bring a brave new message to a benighted world. The book aims at propagandizing children (ages 8+) into accepting abortion. Since 59 percent of women who have had abortions, according to the book’s author Carly Manes, also have children, these parents need to explain to their children why they are no longer pregnant.

Manes describes herself as “white, queer, and Jewish.” The book’s illustrator goes by the singular name of Mar. She describes herself as a “brown, genderqueer, cultural worker.” Despite her abbreviated name, she requires people to refer to her as they/them. They (respecting her pronoun of preference) create art under the name Emulsify. Manes intends to send a free copy of the book to every abortion clinic in the United States. In this way, the author has stated in an interview, there will be a copy in every waiting room so that “kids hanging out waiting for their parent [sic] they can take a look at that book.”

Praise the Lord

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