Swiss Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain apparently has publicly accepted the creation of “same-sex civil unions.” Accordingly, he says that it is “good and right” that there be “different forms of stable relationships” that are “given rights and duties.” Again, “It is for me self-evident that other forms of partnership can be oriented toward an enduring love.” 

Do these remarks of the bishop have support in Catholic teaching? They most certainly do not. Moreover, these remarks do not come from genuine charity, since, wittingly or unwittingly, they oppose the good of those in need of help. The Church opposes same-sex unions because she recognizes homosexual sodomy as a mortal sin and the homosexual tendency as a disorder.

Opponents of Catholic teaching immediately claim that the Church is a “hater.” Is the Church a hater? Most emphatically, she is not. True, each member of the Catholic Church is a sinner; and no doubt most Catholics have hated someone at some time; even unspeakable crimes have been committed by Catholics. But we are speaking about the Church’s teaching and action, not about the renegade actions of laymen who hate others or of prelates who water down, dilute, or deny the Catholic truth. 

Praise the Lord

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