I like podcasts. They are a good way to distract you when you’re doing the dishes or at the gym or just needing something to entertain you on your drive. The problem is finding the right podcast.

One of the first podcasts I ever started to listen to is Jesuitical, a podcast part of the America Media Network. This podcast, hosted by two young, hip, and lay Catholics who work at America, is a good foray into Catholic podcasts. Zac and Ashley are great journalists and speak with interesting guests.

The episode is easy to digest. It has three segments: the Signs of the Times, the interview, and Consolation & Desolation. I find that it is broken up nicely that if I only have time for the Signs of the Times, I can tune into that and learn what is going on in the Catholic world and get a perspective that is different from my own.

Praise the Lord

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