Today’s Gospel features a significant question from Jesus, one that always serves as a personal challenge to me. He is quizzing his followers about who people say he is. They provide answers. However, Jesus pushes them further and his question becomes about who they say he is. “But who do you say that I am?”

I always read that line with an imaginary bold-faced you. I believe that Jesus is addressing that personal question to Peter and every believer, each one of us included. Jesus is more-or-less putting each of us on the spot. He is asking for a commitment.

We do not have to be part of any Christian denomination to make that commitment. It’s a personal thing that often has nothing to do with church. But most of us live out our faith in the context of a church community. And that is often where difficulties can surface. Our personal response gets tied up with other issues in the life and governance of the Christian community.

Praise the Lord

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