Yesterday Benedict Ambrose and I got on the train for Carfin, as Una Voce Scotland had arranged a 11:30 AM outdoor Traditional Latin Mass at Carfin Grotto in the Diocese of Motherwell. I packed some freshly baked apple turnovers, in part to use up the all-butter puff pastry from Waitrose in the fridge. I also brought a Polish exercises workbook, in case of a delay somewhere, and I was very glad, as it made an excellent kneeler. 

I wore my new burgundy brogue-boots and my hair in seven braids as well as my latest Denim Maxi-skirt of Indestructable Traddery, and I will get around to explaining why I mentioned this. 

At Haymarket Station, we noticed other members of the “Edinburgh Crew” getting on the train. One of our bosom pals got onto our carriage, and another one, and some of the university youngsters, got on another carriage where they encountered beer-drinking Ranger fans. 

Praise the Lord

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