Are you going through a time of trial in your Faith? Are you wondering if it is all worth it after all? Absolutely, it is worth it! There is a rich reward in Heaven waiting for you if only you persevere till the end. But you cannot do it on your own, you need the Grace of God, as we all do. Here are 5 good reasons why everyone should become, or remain, a Catholic Christian, designed especially for those struggling through a period of difficulty or dryness in their prayer life, a “dark night of the soul.”

1. Eucharistic Miracles – Signs and Proofs of Christ’s Divine Power to Miraculously Transubstantiate

A non-Christian friend of mine called Eucharistic Miracles “the most powerful evidence for (Catholic) Christianity.” It is easy for us non-skeptics to understand why. For skeptics and doubters, these miracles serve as supernatural signs. Vatican I explains it well:

Praise the Lord

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