For years, I have felt like a wanderer as a Catholic. Searching for kindred souls on my journey, I have observed that most traditional Catholics are also wanderers. We wander, I think, because when we survey our visible ecclesial reality, we notice that there aren’t many others who are outspoken for the things we hold dearest to our hearts. Therefore, we go online and find a community of people who are likewise convicted for the faith in the form of blogs and podcasts.

Here one finds many lay leaders working their way through the crisis in the Church and doing their best to get by. We also find a great deal of negative news being passed around social media. Here is where the internet can make us wander into the vice of curiosity. An excessive amount of negative news and Church politics can weaken one’s faith. If one starts to wander deeper into this and get consumed by it, one may even start to doubt their faith. In plain terms: such a faith is a ticking time bomb that, when detonated, will ensure spiritual ruin.

On curiosity, the main vice which turns Catholics into wanderers, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli notes in the Spiritual Combat:

Praise the Lord

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