A blessed and grace-filled feast of the Transfiguration to all our readers, where Christ allowed the Apostles – Peter, James and John – to ‘see His glory’, His true nature as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. We should recall that Christ was not a human person, but a divine one, uniting Himself to a true and full human nature. Hence, the union between His two natures – human and divine – took place in this divine Person, or, in Greek, hypostasis, which is why our Tradition calls the Incarnation the ‘Hypostatic Union’.

We too will see Christ in His glory at the end of time, in His Second Advent, ‘on clouds descending’, to bring all creation to its fullness and perfection. This feast is given us as a glimpse of that future glory, to sustain us on this pilgrimage, where that glory is hidden amidst the obscuring evil of this passing world.

As Pope Saint John Paul put it on the eve of the millennium on this feast:

Praise the Lord

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