It is now a commonplace among conservatives that Leftist beliefs such as Critical Race Theory, catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, the blessedness of abortion, and the necessity of COVID-19 lockdowns are substitute religions. What is not commonplace are the full implications of this assumption.

By calling these Leftist beliefs religions, conservatives are implying that followers adhere to them without evidence and against reason. Nothing that happens ever diminishes their devotion, be it white liberals letting black criminals out of jail to prey on law-abiding blacks, an ever-receding climate apocalypse, our increasing ability to look inside the womb and view the growing baby, or the disease and death caused by the lockdowns themselves, making the cure more deadly than the disease.

Before conservatives go rashly ahead with this critique of Leftist irrationality, they should ask themselves what it says about genuine religions. We should not have to say that Catholics adhere to their religion without evidence and against reason. Otherwise, the Leftists would be irrational, Catholics irrational, and no one the wiser. We’re all stuck in our ruts, oblivious of evidence and argument.

Praise the Lord

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