Raymond Cardinal Burke suffers from what I call the Ratzinger Syndrome. Remember God’s Rottweiler? The scourge of the Catholic Church? The inquisitor? Torquemada! There was no end to the slanders heaped upon Ratzinger’s head. This lasted just as long as he was merely a Cardinal. But when he became Pope Benedict XVI, something happened. Folks realized what a sweet, kind, pastoral man Ratzinger was all along.

Anyone who encounters Cardinal Burke realizes he gets the same treatment. The cold, cruel zealot of Leftist caricature is really a sweet, soft-spoken man, a true father. Even now, some will laugh at this notion. No matter. Those who know him, know him.

In 2004, the first year of our marriage, my wife had three miscarriages. We were from St. Louis; then-Archbishop Burke heard of our plight and invited my wife and me to visit him that Christmas.

Praise the Lord

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