The Prophet Elijah is on a pilgrimage to Horeb, the mountain on which Moses encountered Yahweh (specifically in the incident of the burning bush). Once he comes to the wilderness, Elijah lays down and prays for death to come. But God has an invitation to him. Elijah ate and drank of the cake and water that was provided.

This provided him with the nourishment to venture into a sacred place – Horeb – a sacred place where he will eventually encounter Yahweh. We don’t have the particular verse in this excerpt, but this sacred encounter is described in the famous sound of a gentle breeze, the sound of sheer silence.

Horeb is a sacred place. Moses encountered the burning bush and Elijah the power of Yahweh in a gentle breeze. Any of us who speak of a spiritual life can point to sacred places, holy ground. It could be a significant cathedral, a place in the natural world, or a favourite park bench next to a river. Those spaces are usually unique to us. Someone else would just see the place as ordinary.

Praise the Lord

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