I often like to imagine how the radical liturgical reforms after Vatican II would have proceeded in the internet age. Certainly the quick availability of information and the means by which to network globally in seeking answers would have made the position of the extreme wing of reformers more precarious, and certainly the analog “fog of war” which the Bugniniites hid behind would have been more easily penetrated. A great example of what things may have looked like come from our own Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, who has been doing an astounding bit of sleuthing into the work of Andrea Grillo, one of the minds rumored to be either indirectly or directly involved in the language of the Pope’s latest Motu Proprio.

Unnatural Ideology against Nature

Keeping with this line of inquiry, a recent quote which Dr. Kwasniewski shared managed to shatter me, drawing straight lines between various disparate hunches, observations, and theories which have plagued me for many years. Writing of the new liturgy, Grillo says:

Praise the Lord

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