The 22nd of August of the feast of the Queenship of Mary, which this year falls on a Sunday, one week after the Assumption. Officially this feast has a short history, as it was Pope Pius XII who established it in 1954. However its roots are very old indeed.

If we glance at Holy Scripture we realize that the Archangel Gabriel, at the Annunciation event, announced to Mary that Her Son would receive the throne of David and will rule forevermore. In the Visitation episode, Elizabeth refers to Mary as the Mother of my Lord (Luke 1:43). Mary’s queenship perfectly sums up all the mysteries of her life, in that she is intimately linked with Jesus. Where there is Jesus, there is Mary. Thus, in virtue of her maternity, Mary was given a share in Her Son’s kingship. The Old Testament idea that the king’s mother had a significant importance in court helps us understand this important point.

St Ephrem (306-373) in the fourth century frequently made reference to Mary both as “Lady” and “Queen.” He said to her: Let Heaven sustain me in its embrace, because I am honored above it. For heaven was not Thy mother, but Thou hast made it Thy throne. How much more honorable and venerable than the throne of a king is her mother (S. Ephraem, Hymni de B. Maria, ed. Th. J. Lamy, t. II, Mechliniae, 1886, hymn. XIX, p. 624). In another work he addresses to her the following salute: Majestic and Heavenly Maid, Lady, Queen, protect and keep me under your wing lest Satan the sower of destruction glory over me, lest my wicked foe be victorious against me.Oratio ad Ssmam Dei Matrem; Opera omnia, Ed. Assemani, t. III (graece), Romae, 1747, pag. 546

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