Despite the decline of the Catholic Church in almost every metric since the Second Vatican council, Poland remains a strongly Catholic country, at least in relative terms. Poland was behind the iron curtain when the reforms of Vatican II were implemented, and the Catholic Church provided an oasis of hope to the people against the Marxists. This hope was further strengthened when one of their own, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, the archbishop of Krakow, was chosen as the successor to St. Peter.  It was this combination of circumstances that helped Poland remain strongly Catholic and pious despite the shortcomings of Vatican II.

The Traditional Roman Rite in Poland

Before we discuss the Polish reaction to the Motu Proprio, lets briefly look at the status of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) in Poland since Summorum Pontificum. According to, almost a week before Traditionis Custodes there were 155 officially known churches that celebrated the TLM, of which 58 offered a regularly scheduled weekly Sunday mass. Jarosław Syrkiewicz from the association Una Voce Polonia estimates that there are about 40 additional places where the TLM is celebrated unofficially. Based on his estimates, there are about ten thousand regular attendees to the TLM every Sunday with about 50 to 80 thousand coming to a regularly scheduled non-weekly Sunday Traditional Latin Mass in the country.

Praise the Lord

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